Episode 13 - The Hiking Buddies NH 48
Sounds Like A Search And Rescue PodcastJune 18, 2021
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Episode 13 - The Hiking Buddies NH 48


Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast! Also known as SLASR. 

Join an experienced search and rescue volunteer and his friend as they discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

This week we welcome the Hiking Buddies NH 48 group to the show! 


  • Beer Discussion
  • Stomp’s Recent Hike
  • Hiking Buddies Discussion
    • Hayley and Ben Introduction
    • Ben’s Isolation dehydration
    • Hayley’s misadventure on Mount Washington
    • Hiking Buddies Origin story
    • Hiker Safety
    • Mountains and Microbrew event 2021
  • Mike hosting 2 Buddy hikes - Owls Head and Burnt Meadow
  • Grand Canyon 153 person hike
  • New Mexico Rescue


Show Notes

Navigation IPA by Medford Brewing

Hiking Buddies NH 48 Facebook Group

Hiking Buddies Web Page 

Mountains and Microbrew 2021 Event Page

Grand Canyon Hike

New Mexico Rescue



We referenced this show as episode 12 when we recorded it but we put out an extra episode last week so this episode is labeled as 13 in our show list.