Episode 145 - Vaucluse Gear, Summer Hiking Gear, Place Names, Evans Notch
Sounds Like A Search And Rescue PodcastMarch 29, 2024
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Episode 145 - Vaucluse Gear, Summer Hiking Gear, Place Names, Evans Notch



This week, we welcome back our friend Brice from Vaucluse gear to give us some updates on all things Vaucluse - we will talk about the Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame, some updates to the product as well as some new plans. Keeping the summer is coming theme in mind, we also have a breakdown of some of the gear you are going to need to swap out as the warmer weather arrives, we will also break down the top recommended hikes this summer in Evans Notch, we’ve often talked about Evans Notch so its time to remind everyone once again of one of the best but also most overlooked areas in the white mountains. Also, an update on the reconciliation in place names committee, some fun facts about toilet paper use in the white mountains, animals news, subscription prices for alltrails, and some recent search and rescue news. 

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  • Stomp gets fact checked

  • Hiking Drama - Hiking overalls

  • Toilet Paper use in the Pemi District

  • All Trails Subscription price

  • Animal News

  • Satellite Technology

  • Update on the Reconciliation in Place Names Committee

  • Solar Eclipse planning and Earthquakes in NH

  • Avalanche On Mt. Washington

  • Summer Hiking Tips

  • Evans Notch Recommended hikes

  • Notable Hikes

  • Welcome Brice from Vaucluse 

  • Recent Search and Rescue News


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